Welcome to The Ginn Group

Ginn Group Consulting (GGC), led by President and CEO Melanie Ginn, is a nationally recognized firm with a proven track record in delivering exceptional outcomes and incisive analysis for clients. GGC brings objective and insightful perspective and expertise to review, research, develop, and deliver advanced business and legal analysis, strategies, and solutions. The GGC team is comprised of an exceptionally “deep bench” of talented multi-disciplinary professionals. Every aspect of their work is infused with an entrepreneurial spirit, a drive for excellence, a fearless willingness to take the road less traveled, and a passion for solving problems with the most efficacious, cost-effective, and swiftest solutions. As one client exclaimed, “Melanie is like a Corporate Sherpa, providing guidance that delivers incredible results!”

Capital Projects and Facility Development

Planning, Functional Design and Budgeting, Infrastructure, Construction and Architectural Oversight, and Stakeholder Engagement

Socio-Economic Entrepreneurialism through Public-Private Partnership - SMART™ with Collaborating Partner CVS Health

Advancing and integrating healthcare, education, and workforce development delivery channels, Business Model Analysis, Innovation and Evaluation, Financial Analysis, Expected Value-Return on Investment (EV-ROI), Due Diligence, and Research

Innovative Business Development, Analysis and Planning

Research and Development, Finance, Legal, Business Plans, Staffing and Culture, Contracts, Marketing, and Corporate Communications

The SMART™ solution aims to break the cycle of poverty. It employs an active access strategy that is changing the trajectory of lives by identifying and reducing barriers to academic achievement and competence by proactively providing preventive and integrative physical and behavioral health care that is laser-focused on its educational purpose. Ginn designed the SMART™ business model to support the goal of ensuring the wellness of every student in an educational setting, not just treating the acute needs of the minority.

The creation of SMART™ and its customized data collection system, ethosRx, are just two examples of the Ginn Group’s passion for bringing business and entrepreneurial zest to solve some of the most critical issues of the day. It was developed with the funding support and thought-leader collaboration of CVS Health’s Workforce Initiatives department, in recognition of the significant interconnections between health, education, and workforce.

What Our Clients Say

  • If school systems and communities are looking for innovative and effective school-based health solutions, they should look no further than Melanie Ginn and the SMART™ Student Health Model. Melanie has developed and implemented a model that delivers strong and sustained health and educational outcomes that will have a far-reaching impact on individual students, their families, and their schools and communities.

    Dr. Liza Cariaga-Lo Vice-President for Academic Development, Diversity, and Inclusion, Brown University
  • CVS Health is proud to support the development of the SMART™ Student Health and Wellness model, which directly ties to our company’s purpose of helping people on their path to better health. Through this school based health care model that connects education, health, and workforce strategies, we believe quality, accessible, and affordable care is within reach for students that need it most.

    David Casey VP, Workforce Strategies President and Chief Diversity Officer, CVS Health
  • [Melanie] partnered with the communications and marketing unit as a trusted and knowledgeable consultant who provides expert advice and assistance with major projects. She has brought a broad range of valuable skill sets, and her core capabilities include administration, communication, customer service, leadership, planning, analytical skills, professionalism, resourcefulness, dependability, and personal qualities that make working with her very fun, enjoyable, and effective.

    Alberta Olivia Lang Senior Manager of Workforce Initiatives, CVS Health
  • The Hispanic Heritage Foundation’s mission has been expanded thanks to Melanie’s connectivity, strategy, and vision. From working with us to develop a sustainable and measurable track for Latino talent into healthcare fields with CVS Health to spearheading innovative research and models that deliver economic impacts, like SMART™, she facilitates and brokers-bringing partners together for the common cause of moving communities and America forward.

    Antonio Tijerino President & CEO, Hispanic Heritage Foundation