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A School Health Solution Dedicated to Improving Academic Achievement

Good health and wellness are both a cause and an effect of educational achievement.

The SMART™ solution aims to break the cycle of poverty, proactively deploying an Active Access strategy to deliver Active Care that is changing the trajectory of lives by identifying and reducing barriers to academic achievement and competence.

SMART™ integrates a population health approach and includes primary, secondary, and tertiary interventions to ensure the wellness of ALL students in the building.

Supporting Smart Students with Smart Health Delivered Through a Smart Business Model

The SMART™ Approach: Culture-Shifting Business Fundamentals

  • Enterprise (Silo-Busting) Approach to Purpose, Operations, and Valuation
  • Significantly Increases Utilization, Lowers Cost Per Encounter, and Increases Revenue
  • Focuses on Downstream Outcomes as Opposed to the Provision of Services

Teaching a Generation to Care for Themselves and Navigate the Health Care System for a Lifetime

What makes SMART™ Student Health and Wellness Centers Unique?

  • Academic Purpose
  • Collaborative Approach
  • Interdisciplinary Viewpoint
  • Focus on Wellness of ALL Students
  • Prevention-Based
  • Customer Service Mentality
  • Proactive Engagement
  •  Outcomes-Oriented
  • Entrepreneurial Culture
  • Data-Driven
  • Sustainable Business Model
  • Site-Based Management/Leadership


I am certain that without the SMART™ Clinic being in our building and having such a tremendously dedicated, caring staff, several students that walked across the stage to get their diplomas this year would not have made it to graduation. – Terry Sterling, Principal, Aliceville High School, Aliceville, Ala.

SMART™ has created a new antecedent component to the health care continuum of care, never before in existence.Jane Hamilton, MSN, RN, CEO, Partners on the Path

The SMART™ Student Health and Wellness Center is like no other clinic I’ve ever been associated with. They’ve become a true asset to the school, and we’ve experienced significant increases in attendance and Freshman On-Track graduation rates, as well as fewer disciplinary referrals, which in large part, I attribute to their work. – Chad Adams, Principal, Sullivan High School, Chicago