Augustine Emuwa, MAT, M.Ed.SMART Education Systems and Leadership Liaison

    Augustine “Augie” Emuwa began his relationship with Ginn Group Consulting (GGC) in 2013 while serving as Assistant Principal at SMART’s Flagship site, Roger C. Sullivan High School. Augie now brings his expertise and innovation as SMART’s Education Systems and Leadership Liaison. His personal philosophy is simple: “The assets are in the room as long as we listen, learn, and leverage.”

    As a graduate of and a teacher, administrator, and parent in both public and private schools, Augie has developed a keen awareness of what school should look and feel like from a Whole-Child perspective. Within the Chicago Public School system, Augie has served various roles as Principal and Vice-Principal. During this tenure, his schools moved an average of almost three grade ratings, breaking a 14-year failing cycle of performance. At Sullivan High School, specifically, Augie’s insight and leadership were integral to reversing its previous eight-year stretch of a failing rating by raising it two grade levels. As graduation rates improved and suspension rates declined, he experienced how turning a school around could happen without sanctioned governance from the state, as had been the case in his previous position as Behavior Support Specialist and Literacy Coach for the district at the Office of School Improvement. While Principal at Gale Elementary, Augie sought out GGC and began a laser-focused campaign to galvanize the community, raising awareness and the funds needed to open a new SMART Clinic at that school.

    Augie is the Principal Consultant and Founder at Identity Capital Consulting, LLC, where he has worked to empower leaders in the development of real solutions that breach typical resourcing hurdles.

    Augie holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management from Jackson State University, a Master of Arts in Teaching with a focus on diverse learning, and an additional Master of Education in school administration and organizational change both from Roosevelt University. Additionally, Augie has completed direct leadership training through a residency founded at Harvard University. Although his educational accomplishments are robust, his most significant accomplishment is being a husband to his wife Sylvia, father of four children, and living out their family’s mantra, “Find a need and fill it!”